Thursday, 22 January 2009

Barriers broken!

So far January has been a fairly good month running wise with a couple of good milestones...

first half marathon distance run (and under 2 hours too which is great)
first 100k+ Calendar month - so far 106k in 22 days

The plan for this week is to try to run 50k in 7 days - up to now (4 days in) I have managed 31k so well on the way there.

Also have started swimming at lunchtimes from work at the gym just down the road from the office - I find swimming really really hard work but hopefully it will get easier....

In non fitness news - I have started driving lessons again, probably best to avoid the Bridge of Don on tuesday nights between 7 and 9 pm....!

Friday, 9 January 2009

A new injury!

Played five a side footy yesterday and got a boot on the foot while going for a ball in the corner - did not think anything of it and went out last night for my weekly long run (normally do it at the weekend but turning 38 on sunday means I might be a bit worst the wear) did a half marathon distance which I was delighted with as I was sub 2 hours but when I got home I discovered that something had gone badly wrong....

Turns out that I had split a toenail playing football and when I went for the long run it cut into my toe - hey ho, live and learn I guess, will need to pay more attention to my feet from now on!
Anybody have any suggestions for music to run to......?

Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all.

Just back from the first run of the year - nice easy 4.6k in 24 minutes. 4 Consecutive late nights and the festive overdulgance of the festive period seems not to have done too much damage. Cold though - respect to the runners in todays 10k run - that must have been a chilly one!

Hopefully it will be a bit warmer tomorrow as rumor has it that we are off for a game of golf - what madness is this!

Got back on the scales this morning and glad to say that there has been limited damage done over the festives with the weight sitting just above my 80kg target - few quiet days ahead while I finish off my next university assignment should see that back under control though.

Next task - find a driving instructor!!!