Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Getting serious now!

Its getting close to the time when I need to start updating this thingy again.... so here goes...

training still going well, got the Edinburgh half marathon in 9 days time (sunday the somethingth of April) so last weekend I went out and ran the distance - managed it in 2 hours on the nose so am very happy, I am fairly nervous about the whole thing but hopefully if I can get a good time in here it will push me on for the long hard final weeks of training before the trip to Copenhagen... I have been mapping my runs out on - its a website based on google earth that lets you map out your runs and gives you distances. Its useful but seems to be quite slow at times (although that may be my steampowered laptop or my clockwork internet connection). Gives me some confidence in the distances I am running tho!

In other news I have signed up for the Inverness race in October and am also looking at combining a trip to Seattle with the marathon there in Novemeber (they have a half too if it all proves to be a bit too much for me)

Hopefully all this training will get me to my newly invented W:IL target of less than 1 soon....!