Thursday, 18 December 2008

Swedish training for a Danish race

With the cold and the wind in Aberdeen and the ludicrously short days that we have at the moment (only 3 days to the shortest day of the year I have been finding it a bit hard to get training properly. Luckily when I got home I discovered that my banana army charity t-shirt had arrived so I managed to get into the gear and head out for a quick session.

For something else to do I have been experimenting with Fartlek training ( in order to try to keep myself going and keep the interest there while I am thumping round the same old streets. I find that its an enjoyable way of keeping the training different and giving myself a challenge other than just keeping going - It also, I believe, lets me get a harder run in a shorter time.

7.425 km tonight in 40 minutes so overall a decent evenings effort, off tomorrow so another chance to get out in the country for a longish run before the work Xmas do - need to get that done as I suspect that Saturday may well be a hungover washout training wise.

p.s. This report is rubbish ( my head was bloomin freezing tonight!

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