Monday, 20 April 2009

hot hot hot!

Stuck in Algeria this week and training is limited to hammering away on a truly rubbish treadmill (the belt sticks every now and again and almost catapults you off the stupid thing) in 27 - 32 degree heat with no air con, not been easy to keep going but I have managed to get a decent number of 10k runs in without too much incident, except for the fact that I have to change my t-shirt every 15 minutes while running - try eating a banana, drinking water and trying to change your T-shirt while running at 11km/hour on an unreliable surface if you fancy a challenge!

On the plus side I got the official picture back from Edinburgh this week - nicely done, they identify you by the number and put the chip time on the bottom of it too so all in all its a nice memento to have for when I am old and fat (probably this time next year to be honest!)

If it doesn't look like I am enjoying myself that's probably because I wasn't! Was pushing hard at that point to get back on pace..... never again!

Home tomorrow (hopefully) so back to running outside in the drizzle again - lovely! And just over a month to go till Copenhagen....

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  1. You look like you're in pain. Bloody hell, if that's what running does for you, you'll never catch me doing something so stupid.